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If you drive on a regular basis then you will probably have noticed that it is costing you more to fill up on each occasion that you run low on petrol or diesel; and with the effects of the credit crunch in recent times, this is something you don’t want to be doing too frequently. But, while you need to use the car for some reason or another – whether it is for work or perhaps to do the shopping – there are always ways you can reduce the number of times you need to fill up.

For example, you might use your car regularly but how often do you check the tyres? The truth is that if they aren’t pumped up correctly, they could be costing you more in fuel than they should be. It may sound as an unusual effect but it is one of those things that many people don’t realise, and yet when combined with other fuel saving measures it can contribute to making a significant difference.

Another way to cut costs is to do your homework when it comes to knowing where to purchase your fuel. Although prices can and do change quite regularly, you will normally find that there are places local to you that always tend to be cheaper than the rest. Therefore, get to know who charges what; and you could be saving yourself more in the long run.

Of course, it is important to adhere to the speed limit for safety’s sake in addition to following the law, but it can save you a lot of money as well. It is important to know that as soon as you go over the national speed limit on a motorway for example, your car – no matter what model you own – will start depleting your petrol or diesel reserves much faster.

Furthermore, there is also the option of trying to use your car less in the first place, which you can consider. Of course, going to and from work in your car may be a necessity if you live somewhere remote, or it would simply take too long out of your day to travel by any other means. However, if you are located close enough to work that allows you to get there on a bicycle or even walk, then even doing so at least once or twice a week would make a difference to your pocket. In fact, you might enjoy it to the point where you will begin to do it more often as well.

There are other ways you can save money on your car costs too. For example, a smaller car will be cheaper to buy road tax for, as well as being cheaper to insure. A competitive car insurance policy can save you even more over time, and once you add up all the savings you will find that your car can indeed be a lot cheaper to run, providing you cut a few corners; just don’t do this while driving!

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