Prayer Is A Powerful Medicine For Every Problem

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Prayer is a request, doing from inside by heart to the real God. When we feel low, or feel some work impossible to do, or start doing any good or helping others, we do request or prayer to the God first. If your intentions are clear or fair and doing prayer for the benefit of others or for caring of others, it will be shown results sooner or earlier but showing must. Prayer is directly link with God, because our inside soul are link with God, and our true intentions make this prayer or request more powerful to make it work done possible from impossible.

Prayer is a worship for us, and also it is a tool or powerful medicine for every problem, challenges and impossible work. It gives us a power to fight or face it the outside world. God has a creator of the universe and the world, everything is possible only with God blessings. Prayer make you feel powerful and encourage blessings of God. If you doing prayer than it really mean that you trust on God and respect his creations, you know the nature rule, that what you thinking or concentrated more on any work or any thing or any goal, its automatically comes near to you with the power of nature, or nature make possible to achieve that thing or work and  put it closer to you. Prayer is directly link with nature.

It is another powerful medicine gifted by God to us. Prayer is a tool which helps  us to remembering the God, and respect his life which we are living, others beautiful creations, follow the humanity and help others, make smile on others face, feel happy with your life, do enjoy and fun and love your life are the major reasons of God blessings. I recommend, do prayer once in a day, prayer must be not of self interest, just do remembering the God also in good times, rather than only in bad times. When you eating food, or start doing any good thing, it can be major reason to do prayer for better future growth and showing thank you feeling to the God.


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