Retro is Back… Again!

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Everybody loves reminiscing about childhood loves – whether it’s favourite cartoons, music groups or books. The feel-good sensation brought on by nostalgia is beaten by no other – which is why so many nostalgia-based, retro products are available today, from printed clothes to tin lunchboxes, comics and films.

In recent years, the buzz has been all about superhero movies. With successful first-time cinematic releases for Spiderman, Daredevil, The Incredible Hulk and the X-Men, it was only a matter of time before filmmakers turned to older models to revamp and capitalise on previous success. The latest instalment of the Batman franchise – a semi-remake of the original 1989 film and sequel to 2005’s Batman Begins – has been received with extraordinary excitement. In 2006, the Superman film series was picked up again after almost 20 years of downtime.

Superman was first created by DC comics in 1938. Batman followed a year later in 1939. Their comic book success is something that we’re all aware of. Most Brits will remember some incarnation of the comics, television shows, cartoons and movies that surrounded these superheroes – including merchandise such as clothing depicting the cartoon characters and their logos in the stores; now more than ever thanks to the increase in retro popularity once again.

That being said, it’s not really fair to say such heroes as Spiderman, Batman and Superman are coming back into fashion – despite the recent influx in new film series and remakes surrounding the superhero franchise, they’ve never really been all that unpopular. Other things, however, have.

If the Spice Girls hadn’t broken up and had continued releasing singles and albums since their end in 2001, it’s uncertain as to whether their recent The Return of the Spice Girls tour would have been met with the overwhelming success that it was. Driven by nostalgia’s desire to relive their childhood fandom, Girl Power devotees ensured that the London concert was sold out in 38 seconds – that’s 23,000 tickets.

The Spice Girls comeback tour followed the similarly successful return of Take That in 2006. Other bands that have jumped on the wagon include Boyzone and Five. Boyzone recently completed a successful tour, but the latter don’t seem to have made much headway after their comeback announcement in 2006.

Whatever you think about the various comebacks across all forms of entertainment, it’s hard to ignore the sheer nostalgic value many of them bring to remind us of our younger days. Whether it’s seeing Batman – yet again – on the big screen or adorning yourself with new ‘old’ clothes depicting your favourite pre-noughties band or cartoon characters on retro t-shirts, it’s safe to assume these ‘old’ icons will remain in the public eye for a good while to come.

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